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Keynote Lecture 2: Title of the Talk: Prof. Eduard Hovy, Carnegie Mellon University Session Chair: Prof. Pushpak Bhattacharyya - Shared screen with speaker view
Audience: pl place your questions in the chatbox. I will read them to the speaker.
Radhika Mamidi
How far did we come from PARRY or LUNAR or BASEBALL? Idea wise?
Kaveri Anuranjana
In the spirit of Checklist based Explainable AI sanity checks; what other checks do you see for QA systems (linguistic or otherwise)?
C. Anantaram
Prof. Hovy, I have always wondered whether we have focused on the wrong end of the QA problem. Should we not look at the semantic content of a passage and form a graph and then try to find the possible set of questions that I can answer and then find a reduct set of possible questions and then match NL questions to that.
Amish Mittal
Dear Prof, can you define/describe the latitude longitude QA problem which you mentioned briefly?
Radhika Mamidi
@Prof PB: There are a couple of questions on top
Dr Sunil Kumar Kopparapu
Is there an inherent assumption that there is an answer (somewhere) for the Q asked?
Kaveri Anuranjana
Thank you so much Prof. Hovy for the great talk! :)